Our Process

When working with a company, we follow a 5-phase process that allows us to understand the company and its employees, and make sure the change strategy is effective and lasting.  This process allows us to understand the company and its workers, laying the foundation for an effective change strategy.  We use our 5-step process to ensure readiness for transition to make certain that change will endure, rather than decaying over time. We know that change is hard and resistance is expected, so working in partnership with our clients allows us to work through any difficulties.

two business associates going over document binder
two hands going over a document

When change is needed, we plan it. When change breaks, we fix it. We work closely with our clients, intentionally planning the change journey. From the CEO to a new employee, every stakeholder must take ownership of the change. Their involvement allows the Involved Change process to be as effective as possible, because we know that, without the support and effort of employees, change is very difficult.