Who We Are

Involved Change is a woman owned consultancy based out of North Carolina. Since the company was founded, Involved Change seeks to build landing and thriving partnerships with our clients to become their go-to for change expertise. Our identity revolves around resilience, agility, co-creation and relationships, which is why we work closely with you to ensure your change is successful.

We are very passionate about helping leaders achieve their desired results by designing change for success, with an approach to allow them to see more than they would otherwise. We know that Change management is about people and helping individuals change which is why we stick to a motto of “People First for a lasting Change”.

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Leslie Ellis

President & CEO

With over 10 years of experience, Leslie Ellis has been building organizational capability and designing strategic change processes that bring together technical expertise and people for lasting change for Fortune 100, 500 and small - mid size companies. Our team consists of Strategic Change Consultants, Change Management Consultants, UX Designers, Change Communication Consultants, and Program / Project Managers and Trainers. 

Our credentials speak to our knowledge and experience in the field, as Leslie has the following accreditations:

Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™️)

Personal/Team Resilience Practitioner (PRP™️)

Human Synergistics International’s full suite of Culture, Impact & Styles Assessments

Licensed practitioner of Being First’s The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology